What this Blog is About

What this Blog is About
Seoul, South Korea

My life started in 1960. However, this blog began in 2019. It's more about my life vs. world events. We all must remember that our dull or exciting life can be a guidebook for others to follow. We all live hour to hour, day to day, no matter who we are. We each have 24 hours in the day. We make choices every minute, every hour, on how we are going to spend our 24 hours; how I get from hour to hour, day to day, can be inspirational or even fun for others to read.

A Handwritten Journal

I once stayed in an Airbnb in a large city in Ontario, Canada. The owner left his handwritten journal on the coffee table. Now, perhaps it wasn’t meant to be read, perhaps it was private, or maybe the privacy was implied; you know, you see it, open it, realize it is a journal, and we know that it is private.

It was left in plain sight; I didn't open drawers to find it or anything. Did I read it? Yes, I read it. Cover to cover, the owner talked about his fight with drug addiction, how he navigated obstacles, and how he managed his way and spoke about day-to-day stuff, his love life, and life in the City. Even the boring stuff was interesting. Some of it was inspirational. Some of it brought a tear or two. Life can throw obstacles at you, yet we always find our way to the other side, sometimes scathed but always more innovative.

We all know the saying "This too shall pass" and it is true

When I wrote this, I was on a cruise ship somewhere in the Caribbean. And as I sat in the shared game room, there were many people around me. I could see that others were trying to read what I was typing. One child even came right over and stood over my shoulder.

Tell your Story

So is it worth sharing my story? Yes, I believe it is. Everyone should share their story. My life includes abuse, abandonment, enlightenment, awakening, photography, tech stuff, being the second youngest sibling of 9 children, boarding schools, the army, entrepreneurship, finding happiness, remembering to have fun, cruises, past lives, travelling the globe, and other adventures and everything in between… even the boring stuff.

We all watch movies/shows and want to learn about the actors; we read the news and want to know about the writer; we read a book and want to know about the author. Songwriters and the amazing writers and producers of movies and stories we watch on TV.

Life according to Star Trek

Let's talk about Gene Roddenberry, for example. He was a visionary, seeing a world in our future where pursuing knowledge and bettering ourselves is what we achieve, not money or followers. Star Trek undoubtedly had a huge influence on me. The prime directive is worth following, where you try not to interfere with others directly. Just tell your own story. You can’t speak for others; you can’t control others; everyone on this planet is on their own path, and you can only tell your story.

Did Gene have a fantastic imagination, read books, or did the ideas just come to him? Ideas pop into my mind when I have fun or exercise my creative brain. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could control that?

I will write my story in parts, moving back and forth. Some of it is too private to share publicly. I will share those parts in a membership group where people can share their stories without the public scrutiny we see daily on social media. Think of it as a Facebook place without the attacks when you share your story.

The Light Project

I started an organization two years ago called Global Light Connect, which is an organization that helps small ethical companies and all in the light do what they do safely in support of others. Imagine what the world would be like operating from love and support where all were welcome no matter what, and our pursuits we the betterment of mankind. Where was love prevalent in all society? How would the world change?

I will blog about all aspects of my day-to-day choices that form my path going forward.

About the author
Stan Hudecki

Stan Hudecki

Stan is trying to live outside of his comfort zone. He is an avid photographer and spiritual intuitive, loving life! He has recently started a community called Global Light Connect.

Stan Hudecki

All in Love & Light are Welcome

Stan Hudecki

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