January 2020

The dream interpreters course was considerably different but was equally, if not more, engaging than the coaching course.
January 2020
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It's a new year, and Dave Lakhani has joined my company and is in Canada to meet with my staff and me and figure out a strategy to take us forward.

Growth Foundry Digital

Dave Lakhani is a successful entrepreneur and business leader. He is the founder of Bold Approach, Inc., a marketing consulting firm, and the former President of the Professional Speakers Bureau. He is also an international best-selling author, speaker, radio host, and coach. He has started Growth Foundry Digital with his Life Partner, Sarah Skeem. Sarah is an accomplished businesswoman and an inspiring leader. She is passionate about creating positive change in the world and has dedicated her life to helping others build their own success. She is a strong advocate for women's rights and social justice and works hard to ensure everyone has equal opportunities and resources.

These are two individuals whom I welcome with open arms. They are expert strategists and approach the business differently than anyone ever has. Of course, 2020 was an exciting year to join a company as it was the year that covid arrived.


2020 was an exciting year for me, as I am sure it was for everyone. I had just started with a new partner and began training as a fearless living coach. At the same time, my friend Michael Sheridan convinced me to start a course on being a Dream Interpreter. All these things, plus the arrival of covid, would change my life forever.

Fearless Living

The fearless living coach training tested me in ways I could not have imagined. I was the only male in a group of nine students. All the training was done on Zoom. Plus, we had weekly calls with mentors, other students, and actual clients with real problems and fears. I had deep connections with several of my clients. They had some very difficult challenges and obstacles in their way. I helped some, and others not so much.

Dream Interpretation

The dream interpreters course was considerably different but was equally, if not more, engaging than the coaching course. Amazingly, our dreams are messages and can tell you so much about your future health and well-being. Most people cannot remember their dreams, and there are tips and tricks to learn to remember them. One thing to note is that if you remember a dream, write it out immediately, as it was not a dream but a message. All dreams are messages, and to this day, the only accurate interpretation I have ever seen is the method Michael Sheridan teaches.

Dream Interpretation - The Book

On a side note, Michael has written a book that explains his method that you can purchase on Amazon. I will provide the link hereHands-on. It is very easy to read and has a dream dictionary. Both courses, Fearless Living and the Asling School of Dream Interpretation, really tested my belief system. Both courses provided a mentor or coach that you met with weekly. Both of my mentors were highly knowledgeable in their fields. In addition, you met with others in both courses to enhance your learning. This is a suitable method of learning a new skill as it takes effort, and you need all the help you can get. At least I did.


The dream interpretation course was spiritual, so you learn to access your spiritual gifts. Everyone has spiritual gifts; some people use them instinctively and always have, while others refuse to think of them as gifts or see them. I have learned to see and use them, and I continuously learn more about them daily.

I have the ability to channel angels and spirits, I am highly empathic, as I can feel what others are feeling physically and emotionally. (This ability catches me off guard regularly). I have sudden knowledge which shows up without realizing it also. I test it by playing games like Solitaire on my phone. When I use it, I can win every game. I have not tested it in other ways.

Win a Lottery

So why don’t you use it to win a lottery? I am asked. Your gifts are meant to be used to enhance your life and others, and although I believe I would use a lottery winning to enhance my life and others, having a lot of money all at once may skew my path. I also have the Hands-on-Healing gift, which means that I am a conduit for angels to come through me to heal you as they see fit. Gifts such as healing are interesting as it is intended to be in your best interest. So, if you are meant to learn from an experience, the healing may stop at a certain point. One healer I know was told she is a healer of souls, not a doctor. We, as healers, do not heal a person; we allow the Angels to work through us.

I have a strong intuition and can identify what might be wrong or right. Again, all these gifts must be practiced and tested. I have the ability to see spirits and perform exorcisms. I can redirect and guide a spirit out of this realm and into the light. And over the last few years, I have seen things that I could not explain.


Getting back to my training. In addition to the mentors and coaches, I was assigned to meet with a channel named Heidi regularly. She was the most powerful channel I have ever met. The minute we would connect on Zoom, I could feel her presence. We lived over 2000 km away from each other. She was born knowing how to access her channelling ability. She was also a trance channel so that the angels would speak through her.

What about Diet

I also have this ability in addition to being connected all the time. I have my connection all the time as long as I eat clean and what they tell me to eat in addition to fasting on a regular basis. This is not easy to do. Because the Angel diet consists of green vegetables and rice stir-fried with sources of protein added. No sugar, dairy, meat, eggs, fish, coffee, nothing fun. So you have to ask yourself? Do you want to be able to connect at any given moment, or do you want to eat whatever you want? This is a question I ask myself often. I am able to maintain this diet for years in a stretch, and then it comes tumbling down on occasion.


Especially with sugar! Sugar is an addictive substance and is in everything that is packaged. And once you get hooked on sugar, it is nearly impossible to get off it. People say natural sugar found in fruit is okay because it is natural. However, it isn’t. Because the taste of a sugary substance such as fruit kicks in the craving for sugar. Once that starts, you are in trouble because the craving is intense and alluring. You want it so bad. And once you give in, all hell breaks loose.

When I am doing the angel diet, it is difficult to sustain when living with others. Preserving is quite a struggle because they can have other things you cannot. Maintaining a strict diet like this is not for everyone; it is specifically for me. I have had friends try to eat this way, hoping to have the same connection as I do, and it did not work. Please only try this if you are guided to.

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