Fully Enlightened - Home Free

Fully Enlightened - Home Free
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The obstacle is not in the way; it is the way. ~ Michael Sheridan

Learn to Live

One really important point to realize is that you will be constantly learning and tested. What does that mean that we are being tested? You will face some obstacles a couple of times until you recognize them and learn how to avoid or react to them.

Some people think they are home-free once they achieve full enlightenment. That notion is not what our path is about. We are here to learn and to live! There will be obstacles all throughout your life, and going through them is part of your path to learning.

You will hear me constantly say that you must always find a way to push your comfort limits. If you can do that every day, push, push, just a bit, your life will change. There is a woman I met and became friends with years ago who explains it the best. Her name is Rhonda Britten, and she wrote a book called Fearless Living. She says there are three levels of your comfort zone: Stretch, Risk and Die. I love the way she explains it. I have taken her advice and made it my motto of living.

Not Easy

Awakening is not an easy transition partly because of what baggage we bring from other lifetimes and part of how we live in our current lifetime. We can find the best way to deal with our current life and its challenges. We need to learn how to take everything in stride, understanding that we are here to learn and evolve by facing each challenge as part of our spiritual development. Acceptance and learning to live in the now is an important skill that takes some practice to master. Finding Joy: Living in the now and finding joy in each moment is essential for our spiritual growth. We must learn to appreciate and be thankful for all we have while striving to progress on our life purpose. This cycle of gratitude and striving will help us find true peace and harmony within ourselves as we further along our journey.

Be Kind

The concept of kindness is also essential to our spiritual growth. We must learn to treat ourselves and others with respect and compassion, understanding that we are all connected. I recently heard someone say, "Can you name five things you love"? Most people can fire off five in a heartbeat. What is interesting is how rare it is for a person to say that they love themselves. This has to change. We must learn to be kind and loving towards ourselves and treat others as we treat ourselves to move forward on our path.

Self Care is Essential

Having compassion for ourselves allows us to be patient and work through the challenges of life with understanding. Self-love is an important part of overall well-being, and it should be nurtured on a daily basis. It can often feel hard to take care of ourselves when we are constantly bombarded with messages telling us that we should be doing more. Taking the time to practice self-care can help us manage our emotions and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

One way to show ourselves love is by engaging in activities that make us feel good. This could include taking a leisurely walk, journaling about our thoughts and feelings, or soaking in a hot bath. Another way to care for our well-being is by reaching out to friends and family. We all need a listening ear from time to time, and taking this step can help us feel more connected to those we love. It is important to remember that self-care looks different for everyone. Sometimes, connecting with friends is just fun, and part of self-care is having fun.

Mindful of your Thoughts

Your thoughts create your reality, so it is important to be mindful of your thoughts. Are they based on love or fear? Do they help or hinder you on your journey? Awareness of our thoughts helps us recognize and celebrate our successes rather than focus on failure. We should never give up — we need to learn how to take a step back and reframe our thoughts in a constructive way that serves us better. People have told me this for years, but I had little proof. It wasn't until I started to journal that I saw the proof.

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Try it sometime. Find a book to write in, or use an electronic device and write out some outlandish ideas for the week or month. Think about them, and keep writing about them. Keep it up, and don't let anything shift that mindset. See what happens; you will be shocked at what you can make happen. As long as you don't let the obstacles or self-loathing slow you down or change your way of thinking, changes will occur.

Unfortunately, just before things switch over, you start to think it won't happen, and whammo, it doesn't. They used to refer to that as "stinking thinking." Don't let yourself give in. Stay on point, keep it in your mind, and make it happen. Be creative, be brave and trust in yourself. Writing it down will give you more clarity on the situation and allow you to think outside the box of what is currently going on in life. It's also a great way to stay motivated throughout the week or month and stay positive.

Staying Positive

I absolutely love the movie The Christmas Carol with Alastair Sim. It's an old black-and-white version produced in 1951. He played the part the best, IMHO, being a grumpy old man and then changing or awakening and becoming his best, no longer a greedy, miserable man. "I don't deserve to be so happy, but I just can't help it." I can quote so many lines from this movie! The idea is to change your mindset and try to put a positive spin on life. It doesn't have to be over the top, try to find the good in situations.

Stretch, Risk and Die

Follow the SRD teaching, and you will always grow. Don't limit yourself. Keep moving forward. Trust that you can and will, and don't let anyone tell you you can't. Is it a stretch for you to stay positive? Sure, it can be. I have a sister who embraces positivity. She can put a positive spin on anything. And years ago, I would have found that a little annoying. Choosing to be bitter and miserable as that would have been easier. I find it amazing how she adapts and finds good in everything. It will take great courage in today's world to live positively, as there is always someone somewhere who wants to burst your bubble.

Only you can control how to act. Sometimes, you might have to step away and rethink things; it's an obstacle, and you must make your way through it.

Take a Break From The Clutter

Take a break from the clutter of life. Step away means to step away. What does it mean? Obviously, this may not be possible if you have small children at home or responsibilities. Even then, it is possible, and it is to your advantage to get away or to unclutter yourself. It might just be by putting on some noise-cancelling earphones, or it might be by leaving physically. On occasion, it is important to get away. This is why regular vacations are good for you. Get out of the house go to a cottage or a hotel without a lot of distractions. Or you can do what I did and fly to South Korea.

Some will Come, Some Will Go

People come into our lives to guide us to our next selves; some stay close, and others continue on their own paths. It's the way it is. I have had many, many friends, and then I have had none. When I travel, I always meet people that I can talk to while I am there; some have stayed friends while others have not. Occasionally, even old lost friends will come to mind. When they pop into my mind, I usually touch them electronically. I wish I could connect with some of them, but I cannot because of the way we departed.

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