My Path Takes a Turn

The day's sessions were broken into mini-sessions with various business leaders and coaches who would challenge the group in how we were thinking. The sessions were fantastic. I was introduced to 3 people who would later change my life.
My Path Takes a Turn
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One week in August 2019 while attending a mastermind session in Montreal was entertaining and interesting. It was great to work along side of so many successful people. The beauty of working with Mirasee was they gave you access to many other professionals.

This was a week long event. Jennifer joined me for this event, however she did not attend the actual event, as she wanted to explore the area. It was a little disappointing as it was a stringent week with very little free time. So she had to venture out on her own all the days and evenings.

Three People who Changed my Life

The day's sessions were broken into mini-sessions with various business leaders and coaches who would challenge the group in how we were thinking. The sessions were fantastic. I was introduced to 3 people who would later change my life.

We were all placed in groups and we as a group would move to other groups throughout the day. We would head into each session with our group, with some idle chitchat as we gradually got to know each other. There was this guy in my group who would talk at the same time as I would every time. It was so strange because we spoke at the same time every time. After that we would sort of lean forward and look at each other to motion the you go first signal.

Michael Sheridan

This fellow was Michael Sheridan. He was the first of the 3 that would have the most impact on my life. Over the next 3 years, he became a mentor and a close friend. He would later leave my life just as quickly as he came in. Michael had come to the event with his wife Sandy. They are a fantastic couple from Seatlle and will always be in my heart moving forward in my life.

Michael is a dream interpreter, a field that I knew nothing about. He owns the Aisling School of Dream Interpretation based in Seattle Washington. I have had dreams like everyone, and like everyone, I can rarely remember them, however I just assumed like many people a dream was just a story line to keep us amused at night. I had no idea about the power of a dream interpretation. Michael had 30 years experience in dream interpretation, so for me that counted for something.

He was extremely spiritual which was another topic I knew nothing about. I was brought up as a roman catholic so spirituality always meant religion to me, something I was not interested in. It wasn't that I didn't believe in God it was more the fact that I was forced to go to church as a child and I just didn't enjoy going to church and didn't like all the rules that church seem to put across. However I did believe in what Michael had to say he was a very compelling speaker about what he did and how he came about everything and he was also a published author who had written a book about his Awakening so that added credibility to what he was saying.  I am an open minded kind of guy and was open to what he would talk about even though I thought it was pretty out there. Michael assured me that spirituality is not about religion. He said religion tends to be fear based and everything that he does is from the heart. The one thing about this meeting was that he and I had an immediate bond. He and I could talk and joke immediately. It was like we had known each other for years. We had the same sense of humour and no doubt caused some trouble for the event coordinators.

Rhonda Britten

The next presentation was from Rhonda Britten - Author of Fearless Living and a public speaker she has been seen on Oprah and she is written a book about her childhood and how those events  changed her life. She had a program that she was putting on in October of that year and she invited me to attend it it was going to be in California so I agreed to attend it and learn about being Fearless.

Dave Lakhani

At these sessions I also met Dave Lakhani who was the second influence on my life. Dave was a no guff kind of guy. A very tall man with quite a story to tell. He was a Business Author from Boise Idaho, who had travelled the world teaching entrepreneurs about business ownership and expansion. Meeting him for the first time was intimidating. He had also served in the army and had also been a Police Officer and a cowboy. He had quite a story to tell.

These three people would have a profound effect on my life over the next four years. Everything fell into place as it should have been each step taking me closer to where I am now.

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