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What does it mean to be an angel? There are many ways to be an Angel: Lend a helping hand, give someone your time, volunteer, or help someone financially. Help people. I try to keep some bills or restaurant gift cards in my pocket or in the car to give out to people who approach asking for help. One time, when I was in the emergency ward at the hospital, I decided that I was going to remain positive for everyone around me. I had a strange rash over my entire body. It didn't hurt and wasn't contagious; it was just odd. So, I made sure others in the waiting area were warm and as comfortable as they could be by offering a listening ear.

A channel once told me that I am an Angel on earth and will become all I am in the next year or so. What does a person do with that information? Well, at first, there was nothing I could “do.” I had to learn to allow and have faith that the information and gifts, and memory of who I was would come to the surface. I have posted this to a 2020 posting, but I wrote it 3 years after learning that I was an angel. These gifts have been slowly surfacing.

I have many, many gifts. I can see the future, I am clairvoyant, clairaudient, claircognzant, and clairsentient. I am an automatic writer and a trance channel.


I will talk about all of my gifts in time. However, today we will talk about my clairsentient or empathic gift; I am hyper-sensitive to people’s emotions when things are not going well. I immediately feel their energy feelings. Sad, upset, stressed out, anxious, panicked, depressed. And not only that, but I also pick up people's ailments. Extreme pain and other symptoms can come on suddenly without warning.
I also feel all of it. I don’t just sense it; I feel it. It tends to complicate things at a group event, as I am not always aware of who is in distress.

August 2023

It's funny because I learned of these gifts back in 2020 from Elizabeth and Heidi. I was just being told this information, and although these abilities were starting, they could have been stronger. Now, in 2023, they are pretty intense. While at an outdoor concert, I developed a tremor in my hand. It was noticeable to others around me as they looked very concerned. The Angels are teaching me how to use these abilities. But first, I have to recognize that the ailment is not mine.

I can feel a person's energy just from seeing their name. If they are feeling turmoil or distress or have asked god for help or prayed. This message is sent to me, and I know. Sometimes I am just sent a message to contact a person. So, if you ever get a message from me out of the blue, it is often because I have received a cue or a heads-up. Only sometimes, of course, as there are some obstacles in our lives that we are meant to learn from.

Fear of Flying

I travel a lot and have no issue with airport security or flying. While in line at an airport, I started to get all stressed out and anxious. I realized these were not my emotions and asked the angels to help the person, and my feelings immediately stopped. Another time at an airport, I got sudden immense pain in both hands and wrists. I could barely hold the handle of my suitcase. The pain was excruciating; I had to sit down. It took me half a day to realize it was someone else.

Being Sick

If I told a doctor or relatives this story, they would insist I get checked out. But these symptoms go away as soon as I send the person help. I am rarely ill. Every time I have gone to the hospital for one of these feelings, I am sent away after many tests, and they still can’t find anything wrong. Now, I am still in a human body, so I can still have illness and injury, but I am getting better at knowing when it is Me.

A Window

There are some apartments alongside one of our streets, and while driving past, I glanced at a window and immediately felt like my life was a waste and useless. Life was just too hard. I drink too much, and there is hardly a point in living. I immediately knew it was not me and sent Angels to help this individual.

Who is it?

I don’t always know who is in pain, distressed, or upset. I was visiting a friend one time, we were washing my truck, and I suddenly felt super anxious. This was not something I had ever experienced before, so I was a little confused. I got worse and worse as I drove home. Upon arrival, I told my wife I needed to lie down. Then I realized … it wasn’t me.

Anger is a Strong Emotion

I also pick up a sudden change in mood. I was at another friend's house, and their son came in; it was very unlike this person to be so angry, so I was initially confused. We often had a bit of banter, so this was just that? But I could feel his anger before he expressed it. And then he lashed out. It was so intense that it threw me off because I felt it all before he started yelling at me.


All of this is a learning experience for me. I immediately know things are off for a person. I can also pick this up in animals. With animals, it's like they are talking to me. It's a little strange. My wife often jokingly mocks me when I say something about our cats. “What? Did they tell you that?” Yes, I think they did. Of course, no proof exists except if you do what they want, and it calms them down.

Dale - sticking out his tongue
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