21 August 2020 - Heidi Session

Ten years of servitude, you will be in service to the light for ten years. Constant service to the light, and this is your calling.
21 August 2020 - Heidi Session
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21 August 2020 - Heidi Session

A note about Heidi - she is an exceptional person and channel who is connected all the time, so even when she speaks to you at times the information is channeled. I also possess this gift. The angels are always talking to me, and are very much a part of all of my conversations. There have been conversations as you will see in a previous post where people will say … I was just thinking that. It does not mean that I can read your mind, it just means that that if the angels think I should discuss something that is to your benefit you for your highest good they will point it out.

She says that there is a different connection between us like we have worked together before. Perhaps in a previous life.

There are books and books and books and books. Can you see them? Yes you can take one and read and read and read. It is information downloads, instantaneous knowledge about any subject. Access your past lives, access all of them.

At this point Michael Sheridan has suggested I take his course on Dream Interpretation. I take the opportunity to ask if I should be taking this course as I have just left the Coaching course.

Heidi Channels: We don’t want you to wander, not wander is for you to not wander wander wander. It is the unity it is a unity, it is for you to become more aware of who you are, to become more aware of who you are. To be aware of all that you are. You are to build a company based on spiritual practices. It is important to have these associations. Not just healing but salvation. You will be more fulfilled. You should be enjoying your life more.

Heidi elaborates: And so it's like you have this, you make the connection, the heart connection with your Clients. When you connect with them, and you know, a lot of information is coming to you. So the hope is that they'll connect with you. They're looking for that connection. So it should be easy, but some of them aren't ready, even though they're in front of you. They just know that they need to get ready. So you'll be searching for it and when you make the heart connection, the information just flows from divine from the grid all the way down into you and through you to reach them You are able to send you strength or send love and people will actually feel the energy, as long as it is from the heart and you are coming from a place of light and love.

10 years 10 years of servitude you will be in service to the light for 10 years.Constant service to the light and this is your calling. It is to be of enjoyment for you. It is to be a tremendous joy for you and 10 years you will slow down a little a little, train you will train many, many, many, many to assist you and then to take your place take your place take your place and expand and expand and expand. This is your calling. This is your calling, your health is not to be feared. You are already recovering rapidly, rapidly rapidly we would say in fact you are recovered and now you are just bouncing back.
Things will change, you will maintain friendships, you will maintain Love, love, love, love, love, but you will have greater love, you will open your heart more you will expand more, there will be more for you to love to our own ownership of your feelings of your feelings, you will not enable you will not enable those who do not see themselves. It will be difficult for you to stay in a relationship who do not acknowledge their own feelings. You will bring out the best and it will be good, it will be good. It is a good relationship for you.
It will not go as planned for you. Have a plan a plan a plan that does not mean he will not like the course it goes he will enjoy it will be well it will be for your highest good but it will also be you will be aware that you will enjoy this it will not deteriorate, but it will change it will change it will change Do not fear Do not fear Do not be in fear. Stan, do not worry about your health as much as you do for you have made several changes, several choices and you are aided, you are guided, you're healed, you are in the light. And so you will prevail, you will prevail, and you will be successful, successful, successful.

Heidi asks them: I was asking them I don't see. And I'm pretty sure they said, I don't see you guys. divorcing, but your relationship is going to look really different. What does that mean? I just don't, I kind of don't see you guys, you guys are going to be together. But like, you will see each other like once or twice a month.

Heidi continues: So I don't know how that's gonna work. But that's what I see. I think it's because you're traveling. I'm not sure it wasn't immediately clear. Yeah, and I think you're also going to be traveling to teach as well. I mean, I see you, especially being extremely supportive of your wife. So there's still love there. And there's still a relationship, but it's just gonna look really different. I guess. I don't know what you planned for your relationship, but like, maybe have you planned, like settling into, I don't know, like, being more gentle in your relationship, because I don't see any type of I see things like moving like, like, you're going to be busy, but you're not going to be exhausted. Like the difference between you're going to be building a new company. I mean, they said that a couple of times.

Although it may be you won't refer to it as company. So you guys are going to be really busy doing that, but you're not going to be exhausted and it's not going to like soak your energy the way your current company does.

At this stage my current company was soaking up alot of my time and energy, so the thought of starting a new company was not that appealing. And a spiritual Company at that? I had only just come into this world, how was I going to start a spiritual company?

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