17 August 2020 - Heidi Session

Time is not everlasting in the physical body. So using your time wisely and in the light is very important,
17 August 2020 - Heidi Session
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I was 3 months away from graduating as a Fearless Living Coach and trainer. I met with Heidi for a channelling session.

Her channelling is in quotes and italics:

You're floundering, you're wasting your time, you've been given an opportunity to leave already and you did not take it, yet though you can still, though you can still. You did not leave that you took offense, but you do not leave, you do not leave, if you did not leave you leave, leave, leave, leave, we'll give you another opportunity. They're not joyful opportunities, but they are releasing opportunities.

What?? Leave the course? I only have three months left, and you want me to leave the course?

I paid a lot of money for this course. However, I have been feeling for some time that it is not for me.

It's not like the whole course was a complete waste of time, you were supposed to take that course you were supposed to take what you needed from that course and learn But also, while you were on that course, you're supposed to help people within that course.

Heidi elaborates: So there's like there's multiple, a multitude of factors, which is why when they say now, should you leave, they're saying yes, because you've done, again, everything that you're going to at this point, and because of the timelines.

Time is not everlasting in the physical body. So using your time wisely, and in the light is very important, Which is why you know, my only view it be viewed as three months to a lot of people, but then, you know, three months, a lot can happen in three months, you can be doing a lot more, and you want to be up to par where you're, you're gaining the most benefit that's in your highest good so that you can because you're here to help other people you know that you've been, you've accepted that.
Do you agree when we say you're not going to let anyone down that that is true. Your sense in your reality? It's the reality that you will not let anyone down. There will be no hardships. Yes, yes, you will feel resistance. Why would you do that? Why would you do that, but they infer in for the same as you did at the start here, that you're losing money that you're losing time instead of what you would be gaining, which is gaining time using your time efficiently.

Stan: Yes I am thinking, that I am going to let all my classmates down, as we have developed a close bond over the last 6 months helping each other as the training had progressed. We were all adapting to life with covid and life as a fearless living coach. I had touched so many people despite being in total isolation. In addition I had become what I thought at the time was friends with the founder of Fearless Living Rhonda Britten (This did not turn out to be true). Then I thought to myself.. What about the money I spent to take this course?

The money is inconsequential, If you want, we will just let's just manifest let's just manifest $20,000 you want $20,000 If we can show you it is irrelevant and is not of consequence. It is not of consequence, the time you put in, look at the bigger picture, this is the issue. Heidi's always asking us why do they need certificates and we always say it's an illusion. illusion, you do not need a certificate you have finished the program, you are finished, you have gained all that you're going to gain you will not let anyone down. You will not let anyone down.
She does not need you in the course. No, she wants you in the course. Do you understand the difference? She wants you there because it is lucrative, lucrative. And it is not that all her ambitions are financial. It also reflects she feels poorly on her if she does not bring those who participate to completion to completion. It is an illusion. No need no need.
She has created a course that serves many but not all alike. There should be different levels. But she is not there yet. She is not there yet. Okay.

Heidi says: So you have a constant connection to the angelic realm, which is never broken, which is actually something I want to say I haven't seen that before. But I have seen that before. But it's still very rare. Very rare. I mean, even my life, I'm kind of not even kind of literally part of my life was to experience being in the lower realms. And so even my connection was not constant, I have to climb my way. But your connection is constant, it has never failed even when you're not aware of it. When you connect you are like, like you suddenly open up your chakras and you're immersed in the angelic realm.

You're just not fully aware of it, and yet it comes through you, when you talk. And when you have this, you're like, Oh, I think I know what would help them as, like a message that's coming straight from you. Because you operate in the angelic realm. Does that make sense to you?

It's a funny thing to hear her say, as most people must close their eyes and concentrate in order to connect. Something I strive to be able to do. However, without even realizing it I am connected immediately at all times. If this is the case, why do I still say stupid things? Things that get me in trouble? Typical silly human frailties? There are two reasons one is because I am human and the other is that sometimes I need to learn from the experience of saying such things.

To learn the skill of channelling, I often attend Heidi’s classes on Saturdays. She provides group training sessions to teach others to channel.

Heidi says: Which is why in our channelling practice, on Saturday, I asked you to just share what you would share because that's your connection is there. Also, it comes from through you when your heart is open. So making sure you have maintained your open heart so that can check with your higher self, you know, so you're kind of an angel in disguise in a lot of ways, does that even to yourself? There's so much more to become aware of, not that you need to explore all of it. But this whole thing of like you're attracted to people, not in a negative way, in a very positive way into people's plight to people's pain.

And the reason that you're attracted to that is because you have what it takes to heal that. Which is basically what I mean; I don't want to infer that's all that angels do. But that is a lot of what angels do on the Earth plane. So even if it wasn't part of your life purpose when you meet somebody who's struggling, you, you have this natural disposition to want to help and to be able to help in any capacity physically, financially, emotionally, like if you're just available, and you do help people that come with being an angel. So becoming aware, it's about keeping your eye on what I'm hearing right now, it's mostly what's going to assist you is, you know, keeping your heart open, continuing to have your heart open.

There's not a whole lot of trauma from childhood there that I'm seeing, but I do see physical; it's the physical body that you're getting still getting in check, and you're still propelling in the right direction with that. So that's very positive but doing more things for you is what's needed. And the reason why that's needed is because that's why you came here.

That's why your physical body suffers a little bit. Because you came here because you wanted to experiment, you wanted to have fun, and you got sidetracked with, well, I'm gonna help everyone else, you know, and it's your physical body. It was designed for you to be fit, like on this fun path. It's not saying, I mean, you're always going to help people.

But because you've neglected your own self, you've neglected your body. And that's why your physical body suffers a little bit or has suffered because you're not using your physical body for what you built it for. So it's about going against your very, your very existence. And you'll continue to remember you're gonna start to have if you haven't already; they're saying Daydream visions

You're overwhelmed, you're overburdened, overburdened, overburdened, overwhelmed, and you're not allowing yourself to relax to enjoy life. So just like anything, when you're stressed, stressed, it is difficult to tune in to see what is before you to look around, look around yourself, look around yourself, and see that which is before you.
You are here to not to suffer not to suffer and you keep creating. You think if I suffer, it will be better for others, others, others, others others. You try and transmute the pain and transmute the pain. The visuals will come the visions we'll call they're coming, coming coming coming, but they can come sooner.

Heidi says: What you really need to do is do things for yourself, things that you enjoy, I do see you travelling around, I see flying to Seattle and back, and like there's a lot of that going on. And I see you there. They're saying you fly to destination cities. I don't know, what are the destination cities?

So what does that mean?

Oh, yeah. Okay. So it's, it's where events will be held events will be held. When you give talks, you'll be giving talks, you'll be promoting a business, courses, courses, your own course. Did you imagine your own course? Not in this area of expertise? No. So as you'll be promoting your courses, you'll be training people, You'll be collaborating. Yes, yes, you'll be working with people closely closely closely to finish and ramp up their edges have a completed product product product. You'll even go in and rescue people and business’s, not for financial gain, but those that you see promise have promised and are within the highest good.

This was quite an intense session, as many of them are, as you will see. I approached these sessions with an open mind, took the advice as fact, and followed them in the best way that I could. I left the Fearless Living Coaching course by first telling my classmates, who were shocked. I told them that the angels guided me to leave the course and that I had already received all that I needed from the training.

My classmates tried to convince me to stay. But I knew that being a life coach was not my calling. I knew that I was meant to take the course but not complete it as I did not need a certificate; I needed to learn all the skills to be a coach but not become a Certified Fearless Living Coach.

After approaching my supervising instructor, I learned that because I was not a coach, I would also forfeit my training as a Fearless Living Trainer. So all of the time and effort would give me coaching abilities but would not a certificate. Is that money lost? Was the money spent inconsequential? No. Were the Angels able to manifest what money I had spent on the course Yes, many, many times over.

The course administrators were very surprised I would quit the course so late in the game. This course was a needed part of my path, but it was not my path to becoming a Fearless Living Coach. Are there things you need to learn in life, parts of courses or just a part of a book that you need to continue on your path?

Sure, there are courses for which you need a certificate, but not every skill requires you to obtain a certificate.

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